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Business Development in Puerto Rico

Tax Credits International is your local expert for first-hand knowledge in Puerto Rico tax incentives.

Puerto Rico Overview

Our Placement Specialist professionals are industry leaders who have extensive experience with tax incentives in Puerto Rico.

Act 20: “The Act to Promote Export of Services"

Learn how eligible businesses benefit from a combination of a nominal fixed Puerto Rico income tax rate and partial exemption from municipal and property taxes.

Act 22: "The Act to Promote the Relocation of Investors to Puerto Rico"

Act 22 was enacted to attract high-net-worth individuals to the island and encourage investment in the local economy. Like Act 20, Act 22 provides tax benefits to eligible individuals who establish residency in Puerto Rico.

Act 74: The Tourism Development Act of Puerto Rico

Act 74 provides tax benefits to investors who invest in certain tourism activities in Puerto Rico like hotels and resorts, theme parks, golf courses and other tourism attractions.

SP 1551

Puerto Rico’s Senate Project Bill 1551 (“SP 1551”) broadens the types of taxes that can offset the Puerto Rico film tax credit. Find out if you are eligible for benefits under SP 1551.

Puerto Rico Film Production and Tax Incentives

TCI is your local expert in Puerto Rico film production, and will assist in the monetization of your Puerto Rico film tax credit. Tax Credits International has placed over $1 Billion tax credits since 1998.

Learn More About Buying & Selling Tax Credits

Monetizing film tax credits can be an ominous task. Tax Credits can help ease the process by handling all aspects of the purchase and sale of tax credits.

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